Dodge Viper Hennessey Venom 600

The Dodge Viper is a V10-powered sports car, manufactured by the Dodge division of Chrysler. Production of the two-seat sports car began at New Mack Assembly in 1991 and moved to its current home at Conner Avenue Assembly in October 1995.

85 engineers were selected to be "Team Viper," with development beginning in March 1989. The team asked the then-Chrysler subsidiary Lamborghini to cast a prototype aluminum block based on Dodge's V10 truck engine for sports car use in May. The production body was completed in the fall, with a chassis prototype running in December. Though a V8 engine was first used in the test mule, the V10, which the production car was meant to use, was ready in February 1990.

The first prototype was tested in January 1989. It debuted in 1991 with two pre-production models as the pace car for the Indianapolis 500 when Dodge was forced to substitute it in place of the Japanese-built Stealth because of complaints from the United Auto Workers, and went on sale in January 1992 as the RT/10 Roadster.

The model shown here was cover car and winner of Motor Trend’s “Raw Power” competition featured in the March 1996 issue. It is one of 300 Black Dodge Viper RT/10 convertibles produced in 1995 and the third transformed by Hennessey Performance to Venom 600 specifications. The comprehensive Hennessey Venom 600 package gives the Viper RT/10 a bump in bore and stroke of .060 and .80 inches respectively for an increase in displacement to a whopping 520 cubic inches. Add a 5140 steel crankshaft, 4340 billet-steel connecting rods, 10.0:1 compression forged aluminum pistons and a roller/ rocker camshaft, and the result is a pavement-shredding 635 horsepower with a 655 ft. lbs. torque, all of it handled by a 6-speed manual transmission and an upgraded 3.54 Positraction rear end. Capped with a Hennessey double bubble hard top, the car includes a full soft top and cockpit cover, AM/FM cassette, air conditioning and 5-point safety harnesses. In Motor Trend’s words, this unique Viper is “raw, almost unnerving, and completely glorious.” It was featured at a Mecum Auction in Houston, Texas in April 2013.

Source: Wikipedia, Mecum Auctions

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