Back in February GCF broke the story with the first spy photos of the new E90 3 Series Touring wagon.  Cleaner photos of the 3 Series Touring have since surfaced and along with them the entire 3 Series model range including the new 3 Series Coupe Cabriolet, 3 Series Coupe and 3 Series M-styling kit.  Spy photos of the Coupe and Coupe Cabriolet have been floating around the internet for a while but the M-Styling kit for the sedan photos are fresh!  Why are these photos then not the M3 sedan and only an M-Styling kit?  The giveaway can be seen in the standard wheels and single exhaust pipe.  If this car was a real M3 it would have larger (at least 18 inch) sporty type wheels.  The wheels shown are standard BMW Type 158 in 8x17 size.   In addition, the exhaust would undoubtedly be a dual exhaust system to accommodate the 400hp V8 the M3 will receive.  Another clue which indicates the sporty nature of the M-styling package is the slightly lowered stance as a result of the sport suspension package which lowers the vehicle 15mm.


We gave a first glimpse of the future M3 with mouth watering renderings by our contributing artist Hussein Al-Attar.   If these new 3 Series M-Styling spy photos are an indication of the real M3 then it seems Hussein's impressions are right on target.  The article we wrote was a bit chaotic and a couple of corrections had to be made but we finally got it right.  For details about how this entire new 3 Series model lineup plays out click here: Next Generation BMW M3.

Spy Photos of BMW 3 Series Model Range