Automobile Ron Mexico is a newly established Mexican company whose mission is to develop high performance vehicles with a team of professionals from Mexico.

The RXX will be the flagship model cars RON Mexico, its concept being a super lightweight sporty two-seater in tandem configuration with a unique ultra modern and not leave anyone indifferent with a chassis made of aluminum, fiber body and interiore carbon offering high rigidity and stroke sensations in their management seeks to bring to the heart of the common people the experience of formula 1 with a dizzying acceleration and a low center of gravity communicating the driver each part of the curve for the pleasure of the seeking a dynamic handling and pure.

The body is a balance between sensual curves and angled panels that give it an exotic look desired upper elite sports.

Although you can legally drive on the streets has an egocentric personality RXX placing the driver in the car center, significantly improving your vision compared passenger.

It will be sold in three versions:
RXX. RXX-S,-R will be differentiated RXX finish, equipment and power.

Cars in Mexico Ron ripped offering activities in the R7 Limited a vehicle inspired by the legendary Super Seven this vehicle is currently in the prototype construction phase zero.

Source: RON Press

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