BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept

BMW is using the presentation of the new BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept at the outdoor activities summit meeting in Friedrichshafen to demonstrate how a compact vehicle can combine comfort and the use of space with the enjoyment of sports and leisure. The plug-in hybrid also offers a preview of drive variants that promise to feature in compact class vehicles in the future. The BMW eDrive concept familiar from the BMW i8, which enables the car to run on electric power alone (and therefore produce zero local emissions), will cover all the brand’s electric and plug-in hybrid drive systems in the years ahead. eDrive spans all the components of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept’s electric drive system, such as the electric motor (developed in-house), the lithium-ion high-performance battery and the intelligent energy management system. The combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor delivers sporting performance coupled with average fuel consumption of approximately 2.5 l/100 km (113 mpg imp) and C02 emissions of under 60 g/km.

Its harmonious proportions ensure the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept cuts a sporty figure from any angle. With an exterior length of 4,350 millimeters, width of 1,833 millimetres and height of 1,576 millimeters, the plug-in hybrid blends compact dimensions with an attractive, sporty design and hallmark BMW aesthetics. The long wheelbase (2,670 millimeters), a higher roofline and a compact, transversely mounted engine sending its power to the front wheels combine to deliver generous interior space. The variable rear compartment of the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor offers both all-round everyday usability and sufficient space for outdoor sports equipment, as the hybrid drive system’s batteries are fitted underneath

the load compartment floor.

The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept proves that compact dimensions, functionality and variability can be blended skillfully with dynamic design. The exclusive Gold Race Orange exterior paintwork accentuates the sporty appearance of the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor. A dominant element of the characteristic BMW front view is the striking, slightly forward- leaning BMW kidney grille, complete with eye-catching orange accent strips for two of the grille bars. The twin headlights with LED accent lights positioned like eyebrows above them extend far into the front wings and, together with the multifaceted front apron, strengthen the presence of the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor. The two large outer air intakes below the main headlights emphasize the sporting impression of the front end.

When seen in profile, even at standstill, the elongated silhouette with its suggestion of a wedge shape lends the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept a dynamic aura that is unmatched in this class. 20-inch wheels partly painted in Gold Race Orange reinforce the car’s sporting looks.

Defined horizontal body lines headline the rear-end view of the compact BMW. The large rear lights, extending well into the car’s flanks, accentuate the broad face of the wheels, lending visual emphasis to the car’s consummate road presence. The large tailgate offers convenient access to the load compartment, thanks to its low loading sill and wide aperture. The exhaust tailpipes integrated into the rear apron of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor are likewise in Gold Race Orange.

The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept’s interior is generous in its design, creating a completely new feeling of space. The centre console appears to be floating between the front seats and flows smoothly into the instrument panel. This arrangement provides the driver and front passenger with the greatest possible legroom. The raised seats with their semi-command position offer outstanding all-round visibility, setting the seal on the car’s unimpeachable levels of usability and comfort. The Alu Mesh MoonGrey trim surface, made from a high-quality aluminium-fronted material, provides a visual connection between the instrument panel’s upper trim surface in MoonRock Grey Steron and lower surface in MoonWhite leather. The same materials headline the door trim and front seats, while the brightly perforated leather seat inlays and leather door armrests are particularly durable and easy to clean. Added to which, Gold Race leather accent surfaces for the door trim and understated orange leather applications for the seats underline the car’s sporting character. The interplay of colors generated by the materials extends as far as the rear compartment. In order to meet the challenges presented by leisure activities – in any weather – the load compartment floor covering comes in a robust, easy-to-clean, studded plastic material in MoonRock Grey. A refreshing contrast is provided by the leather stowage compartment covers for the load compartment floor and the left-hand side trim in Gold Race Orange.

One example of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept’s clever utilisation of space is the carrier system for two bicycles presented for the first time in Friedrichshafen. In contrast to conventional solutions, this carrier is not mounted on the outside of the vehicle, but instead integrated into the interior to save space. As well as keeping bicycles dry and clean, this also has the advantage of protecting them extremely effectively from theft and damage. And when not in use, the carrier system disappears away into the side structure of the car or the load compartment floor, without restricting interior space.

Thus equipped, the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept is ready to tackle a wide range of everyday and leisure-time transportation tasks. And that makes it the ideal companion for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, trekking and bicycle racing, especially as the last 20 to 30 kilometres (12 – 19 miles) of the journey to the start line can be completed on electric power alone and therefore with zero local emissions. However, the BMW also demonstrates impressive functionality in urban conditions. For example, the clever bicycle carrier offers an environmentally friendly mobility option where city centre parking is at a premium; the BMW can be parked outside overcrowded central areas and the journey completed in far more relaxed fashion on two wheels.

The extended functionality of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept is underpinned by a level load compartment floor created by folding down the rear seats. The carrier system is mounted against the left side of the boot area and consists of a rail system with a pivoting bracket. The rail is fitted with two mounts which hold the top tube of each bicycle in place. The bikes’ saddles must be removed and front wheels detached before they are secured in place, which, with the quick-release mechanisms of modern sports bikes, should take only a few seconds. It is also amazingly easy to stow the wheels in a separate holder, which is integrated into the right-hand rear backrest and simply folded out when needed.

Securing the bicycles themselves is also simple and extremely convenient. The pivot bracket opens out and slides out from the interior on the rail. The bicycles are then placed on the carrier transversely to the direction of travel and fixed in place. Once the bracket has been closed again, the bicycles can be pushed back effortlessly into their resting position in the interior.

The carrier system’s user-friendly pivoting mechanism also offers another advantage. The transverse rest position for the bikes allows assembly and maintenance work to be carried out effortlessly. This area of the car includes another particularly clever detail. The storage compartment recessed into the centre of the load area floor offers space for the bike saddles, all kinds of tools and small parts, while the pull-out cover can be used as a seat or step.

The cockpit of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept boasts BMW’s customary level of driver orientation, which means all the important controls are within easy reach. The multifunction instrument display, complete with extended black panel technology, allows drivers to feast their eyes on totally new display functionality. The four-dial view will be familiar, but the COMFORT, SPORT and ECO PRO driving experience modes, for example, are all given their own display sections and individual color schemes, enhancing safety and efficiency and providing exceptional driver focus. Indeed, the driver benefits from an instrument display showing information tailored optimally to the situation at hand.

The large 8-inch display in the centre of the instrument panel is used to access the suite of BMW ConnectedDrive services and the new navigation system’s route planning functions. The central Control Display also shows the current operating status of the hybrid system, which means the driver is kept informed at all times on the usage profile of the combustion engine and electric motor and given a better understanding of the energy flow within the system. The hybrid drive system’s power electronics are linked up to the intelligent Navigation system Plus, allowing it to work as efficiently as possible. The data gained as a result, such as the route profile, speed limits and traffic situation, prepare the vehicle for imminent requirements and therefore allow the available energy to be used with maximum efficiency.

The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept is designed as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV = Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) linking up the advantages of an electric motor with those of a traditional combustion engine to maximum effect. Plug-in hybrid vehicles normally have a range of well over 30 kilometres (approx. 20 miles) in all-electric mode, allowing them to operate just as efficiently on both short and long journeys as well as in hybrid mode. The BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor’s lithium-ion high-performance battery can be recharged from a standard 220V domestic socket. Energy can be recovered at both axles of the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor and fed back into the lithium-ion high-performance battery to further enhance the eDrive system’s efficiency. The highly sophisticated 1.5-litre BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol unit from the new BMW Group EfficientDynamics engine family works in perfect tandem with a synchronous electric motor.

With a total system output of over 140 kW/190 hp, the combustion engine and electric motor combine to give the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept undeniably sporty performance credentials, while keeping fuel consumption and emissions figures extremely low. As a result, the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept darts to 100 km/h (62 mph) from stationary in under eight seconds, going on to a top speed of around 200 km/h (125 mph). Despite these impressive performance figures, it returns average fuel consumption figures of under 2.5 litres per 100 kilometres (113 mpg imp) and posts CO2 emissions below 60 g/km.

Source: BMW press

BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept