Innotech Aspiron

Innotech Aspiron is a very light and powerful mid-engined sports car for road and track use, without the electronic nanny features which limit the joy of spirited driving.

This a high performance adrenaline booster for hard core drivers, built for weekend track day fun and for the pure enjoyment of sheer speed. Aspiron is a welcome alternative to all those smooth, comfortable, quiet, safe, ecological and politicaly correct - but boring automobiles, which we drive to work or take for a family trip.

Aspiron delivers the best mix of modern design, extreme performance and value for money. It has race car styling, with fully open body and a race-like, yet spacious cockpit equipped with carbon fibre seats, adjustable aluminum pedals, and a multifunctional dash logger.

Aspiron's body is made of fiberglass and carbon fibre. Getting in and out is quite easy, as the upper frame tubing runs just 700 mm above the road.

Source: Innotech Press

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