Leopard Roadster

The new Leopard 6 LITRE Roadster is a remarkable sports car. It combines a timeless design with up-to-date technical achievements. It is an object of desire. The body is handcrafted in aluminium by craftsmen with huge experience from the aircraft industry. The roll-over protection bar is made from stainless steel, while all chrome parts are handcrafted in cooper. Interior of our car is fully covered with leather of any colour you would like to possess in your future Leopard. The powerful new 6 LITRE all-aluminium V8 engine, delivers 430 bhp at 5 900 rpm and gives incredible 575 Nm at 4 600 rpm. The Leopard accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.0 seconds. Top speed is voluntarily limited to 250 km/h and when it is necessary - effectively stopped by ventilated 4 - pistons calliper disc brakes specially designed by BREMBO. The 80-litre fuel tank, like the exhaust system, is made from stainless steel.

Source: Leopard press

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