Pogea Racing Alfa Romeo 4C

ince 1997, POGEA RACING has been Developing and manufacturing products to customize sports cars. Therefore it only makes sense did the technicians of the company in Friedrichshafen, Germany are busy Developing a comprehensive TÜV-tested tuning programs for the 4C, the latest racer from the Alfa family. The goal: powerful performance enhancements, lift-reducing aerodynamic components and striking 19 - and 20-inch alloy wheels. Sporty suspension components and classy interior Modifications made of leather, aluminum and carbon fiber will complete the portfolio.

The POGEA aerodynamic kit in the lifestyle design is strikingly sporty: the 100% carbon fiber body parts for the front, side and rear not only add visual appeal to the Alfa 4C They Also Simultaneously reduce the lift forces whichwill increase enlarge the driving stability, Especially at high speeds. Their addition makes sense, givenName the tremendous increase enlarge in power Gained by POGEA's performance enhancements.

"As a result of our experience with torque at identical engine, we expect a power increase enlarge to around 415 hp and 450 Nm of," predicts Edward Pogea, founder and mastermind at POGEA RACING, adding: "To achieve achievement this, various engine Modifications are Necessary: ​​new turbochargers, tubular exhaust manifold and exhaust system with valve control to want to replace the serial components. In addition, we Optimise the fuel supply and the cooling System. It is a well-tuned Optimised engine management. "Anyone at the wheel of a 4C will enjoy the throaty sound and clearly sensing the car's agility.

Specifically tailored to the needs of turbo-charged Alfa Romeo, POGEA RACING is making its Xcut rim in 19 - and 20-inch special editions. Developed in cooperation with KW Automotive, DCC and Clubsport suspension kits will make the even sportier driving dynamics.

In addition to the existing, serial interior, is planning POGEA accessories made from aluminum, carbon fiber or leather. Anything the Alfa Romeo 4C driver wants can be requested-from Personalised floor mats to complete leather interiors.

Source: Pogea Racing Press

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