Cam Shaft Ferrari F12berlinetta Titanium Matte Metallic

Without a shadow of a doubt the Ferrari F12berlinetta is a convincing example of Italian automotive manufacturing art. The dynamic driving super talent from the noble carmaker in Maranello comes along also with 740 hp (=544 kW) and respectively 690 Nm of maximum torque from a V12-engine with 6.3 litres displacement and delivers not least for this reason values of acceleration up to 100, 200 and 300 km/h in fabulous times. Also, with Vmax of 340 km/h there is not the slightest reason for complaints of any kind. Officially a total of 37 Ferrari F12 has been registered in Germany in the last trimester 2012, each of which has certainly something unique for itself.
Speaking of unique. Once again the company CAM SHAFT in the Lower Rhine Kempen, which specializes in premium car wrapping, assumes a pioneering role and expands its exclusive range of foil for a further matt metallic color: "Titanium Matte Metallic," so is the name of the current innovation. The foliation of the entire outer shell of Ferrari F12berlinetta costs 3.100,00 Euro. But what happens if you open the doors? Door sills and -visible edges are often carelessly neglected. Here, at the latest, – true to the motto 'From the outside everyone does!" – the wheat is separated from the chaff. At CAM SHAFT the surcharge for the premium package amounts to 800,00 Euros. Thereby, particularly entries and visible edges of the doors are also so intensively foiled, that the original paint colour is no longer visible.
In order to illustrate the uniqueness further, CAM SHAFT recommends the powder coating of the original rims in matt metallic gray. The price for this, including disassembly and assembly of the tires is 800.00 Euros. By the way, this powder coating can easily be carried out simultaneously with the foliation of the vehicle.
CAM SHAFT is the first address, if full vehicle -or -partial bonding is on the top of the wish list. But also paint protection films, so-called theme vehicles and Motorsport stickers created by sponsors are also the daily bread of Kempen.

Source: Cam Shaft Press

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