Datsun 280ZX

Early reviews of the 280ZX were mixed. Some lamented the transformation the Z-car had made to a grand tourer, while others appreciated the improvements in refinement, comfort, and overall market appeal. The sales figures soon proved the Nissan designers right, with the 280ZX becoming a sales success.

In 1979, Datsun homologated a high-downforce whale-tail type spoiler for the Datsun 280ZX by producing 1,001 280ZX-R cars. These cars also had distinctive body decals and ZX-R logos. These cars were identical to the other cars of this year with the exception of the whale-tail and decal package.

From 1980 onwards, the 280ZX was available with a T-bar roof (on both the 2-seater and 2+2 body shapes). The T-bar roof panels could be removed and stored in bags in the rear of the car.

In 1980, a limited edition "10th Anniversary" car was released. Available in either black/gold or black/red two-tone paint, these cars came with leather seating, and other special trim features. A total of 3000 of these cars were built - - 2500 in black and gold, and only 500 in the red and black.

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Source: Wikipedia 2013; Mecum Auctions

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