BMW Rapp 100th Anniversary Concept by Dejan Hristov

BMW AG acknowledges 21 July 1917 to be the official date to celebrate the foundation of the company.

This Concept compliments Karl Friedrich Rapp, the man who set the foundations of BMW. Story begins in 1913, when Rapp, a mechanical engineer from Munich, founded the Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH. The idea was for the new company to build and sell engines of all types, in particular internal combustion engines for aircraft and motor vehicles. In 1917, Karl Rapp departures from the position head of the company which enables the fundamental restructuring into what we know today as BMW AG.

On the occasion of the 100-th anniversary of first foundation of BMW, I present you the BMW Rapp Concept. The basic idea was to embrace the history of BMW making this concept represent of everything that BMW stands for as a company, like some sublimation of every model of vehicle that came out on the market so far under the design signature of BMW. Front grill is positioned under angle characteristic for BMW designs from the '60 and '70. The tailpipes are positioned high which makes the design authentic and makes the whole look edgier and at the same time they bring up to mind some of the cult designs of BMW, for example Buegelfalte from 1939 and model 2002 from 1968. On the other hand, the hood is designed in a way to accentuate the engine as a tribute to Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH, in the same context are some other parts of the design, they remind us of the old aircrafts.

Enterprisingly of the brand style characteristics, whole style is sport aggressive with elegant touch. You can clearly notice the blending of modernistic and retro elements which put the design in category retro - futuristic, for example, doors and the hood are opening in reversed way, as in some old BMWs, at the same time we have modern safety roll bar that automatically pops up in a case of accident.

Source: Dejan Hristov

BMW Rapp 100th Anniversary Concept by Dejan Hristov