SR Auto Group Lamborghini Gallardo

t first glance, this Lamborghini might look like just another Gallardo on the street. But don’t let the subtle matte black exterior deceive you; This is no ordinary supercar. This Lamborghini is packing a big punch, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

What you are looking at here is none other than Underground Racing’s Twin-Turbo Lamborghini LP560 Gallardo. Underground Racing has been known in the automotive community to be pushing the envelopes by adding their special touches to many supercars, and turning them into completely different driving machines that output monstrous amount of horsepower. This particular Lamborghini is no different. Having two turbos bolted up to its exhaust manifolds, the V10 on this LP560 is able to produce a massive 1500 horsepower at the wheels!

As our attempt to keep up the subtle yet deadly look of this monster, a set of PUR TEN Monoblock Design in Lumiere Grey finish was mounted on the car. We feel that the strong combination of sharp edges and bold spokes on the wheels really compliment the overall look of the car, while proudly exposing the factory carbon ceramic brakes mounted behind them.

Lastly, due to the amount of horsepower that this car produces, we feel it’s only fitting that the PUR wheels are paired with a set of super sticky, Toyo R888 R-Compound tires, to give this supercar the ultimate grip on both the street and the track.

Source: SR Auto Group

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