Lamborghini Resonare Concept by Paulo Czyżewski

The Lamborghini Resonare concept was created by Polish designer Paulo Czyzewski.

Because of the complex silhouette of the car, it took over a year to complete. When designing the lines of the Resonare, the main goal was to create a very futuristic and aggressive look, the amount of bends and angles seen was intentional.

This concept is a sportscar capable of a very aggressive driving, with a quick and powerful engine. It is a two-seater sportscar having the cockpit blend elegance and sport.

The car is available in three variations (Classic, Extreme and Individual) which differ from each other in exterior and interior colors and technical parameters.

The Extreme version and Individual version have improved components such as power, increased torque, a lighter frame, lowered suspension, more sensitive steering, spoilers added, etc.

Source: Paulo Czyzewski

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