OK-Chiptuning Manta-Porsche 911

The fifth generation of the 911 (996) series, constructed from 1997 to 2006 in Zuffenhausen, was the first 911 with a cooled water engine after 50 years of air cooling. Porsche entered uncharted territory with sports car available as Coupé, Cabriolet and Targa both concerning the new engine cooling and body shape, as well as its interior design.

The team of Kai-Uwe OTTLINGHAUS, the owner of OK-Chiptuning in Neukirchen-Vluyn, put deliberately on Porsche 996 Turbo with his „Manta-Porsche“-show vehicle, in order to achieve relative „minimum effort“ to an output of 650 hp (= 478 kW) as well as 750 Nm maximum torque. For this purpose, charge air cooler was installed in both K24-Turbolader and GT2-RS-, with which a much more intense intake for turbochargers is achieved. Since then larger injection valves, and also a larger fuel pump, the latter in combination with 5-Bar-fuel pressure regulator, perform their competent service of the conversion. It is necessary to mention Sachs-Performance-clutch and an exhaust system with continuous 70-millimeter-tubes.

As usual for the tuning scene, OK-Chiptuning places much value on quality at the expense of quantity also by other operations. Therefore, only AG-rim finishing from neighbouring Krefeld is considered for powder coating of the rims. By the way, there is a fixed size for years, when it comes to best quality powder coating and rim finishing. The price for the coating in pink the Formula-rims in 19 inch from TechArt amounts to 800 Euro, including tires dismantling and re-assembly. There is appropriate set of tyres in 235/35-19 or 305/30-19. And in order to optimise the driving dynamics, KW-Coilover-Suspension of the version 3 is installed. In case with seating the choice fell to Recaro Pole Position. At last, there is also a rear spoiler, also from TechArt in Leonberg.

Finally, a design was missing true to the original. Here OK-Chiptuning relied on the cooperation partner „Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping“ from the Lower Rhine Kempen, where the Manta-Porsche was put in the limelight due to three-coloured foliation in accordance with „model“. The foliation costs for the Tricolour-Design amount to approximately 2.600,00 Euro. What would say to that Til SCHWEIGER today? „Booooah Ey“

Source: OK-Chiptuning press

OK-Chiptuning Manta-Porsche 911