Rebellion R2k

So I guess its time to show it all! This is the new Rebellion R2k, designed by myself (Jon Olsson) and Leif Tufvesson. This time around nothing has been spared and the car ran perfect on its first test session. The real test will however be the 5000km its set of to drive next week during Gumball 3000, now that is what I call a real test!

This time the focus has been to really make the car work and be drivable instead of the earlier maxed out performance that never seemed to work. We did spend a lot of time on the interior as we knew that we will pretty much live in it during Gumball, so if you are in Sthlm om the 19th make sure to come check it out at Skeppsbron at around 16.00 (More exact times will follow). I hope you guys like it, I am super happy and I would like to thank all the guys that has helped me get the car to what it is now!

Leif Tufvesson and Caresto for doing an amazing job taming this beast!
Alexander from for the updated lights
ADV1 for the best wheels ever!
Oskar Bakke for photos and all the design help
Cam Shaft Wrapping for the epic chrome foil and Kisterlappen for setting it perfectly!
Carl at Svenskbyggradio for hooking us up with perfect comunication during the rally
Jens for being a kick as co owner and partner in the project!
And last but not least my GF Janni for putting up with me spending day and night thinking about this car!

So now enjoy the movie and pictures and I hope to see all of you in Sthlm on the 19th! To stay updated on the rally, make sure to follow for constant movies and pictures during the rally as well as my Instagram account (@jonolsson1) for hourly updates during the rally! Cant wait for the 19th when its time to put this baby through its final exam!

Dont expect us to the first car to arrive in Sthlm, I know that the law enforcent will be out watching us and we will make sure to stay out of trouble on the first day of the rally and make sure to get to where we need to be safely, but dont expect us to be last either…

Source: Jon Olsson

Rebellion R2k