Plymouth Suburban

The 1956 Plymouth Suburban models came with more V8 power upgrades, up to 180 bhp 270cid V8, 187 bhp 277cid V8, 200 bhp 277cid V8, with a 240 bhp 303cid V8 for the Fury. Instead of simply being a part of the standard range of models (the Deluxe in 1950, the Concord in 1951-1952, the Cambridge for 1954 and the Plaza in 1955), the Suburban of 1956 was now offered in both Plaza and Belvedere lines. Tail fins featured for the first time, in what Exner christened the "Forward Look". You can pick a '56 from a '55 Suburban by the grille centre section - fifty-fives had a ribbed centre section, with a chrome V badge on the hood to identify a V8 engine. That V moved down into the grille centre for '56 and block P-L-Y-M-O-U-T-H lettering appeared on the hood front. At the rear, the '56 tail lamps were larger.

Source: Wikipedia, 2013

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