“They are also sold separately to customers who want to add a bit of intrigue, style or personality,” says Afzal.

Novelty license plates may just be the most direct and effective way to individualize a car, more so than any body kit, large chromed wheels or performance enhancement could ever achieve. Kahn Design is cornering the UK market for these plates and have already scooped up the coveted F1 license plate for an astounding GBP 440,625.

The latest addition to the collection is 4 HRH, 'for Her/His Royal Highness', and is reportedly to have cost Afzal Kahn ever more than the record breaking F1 plate. Afzal Kahn has refused to acknowledge or refute whether he paid more or less than the F1 plate.

Afzal Kahn said: “This number plate is special. I have never seen a number plate with the letters HRH. As far as I am concerned, the number plate is truly sensational and worthy for a member of the royal family. The 4 HRH number plate is for an individual who enjoys the finer things in life, as it is a unique number plate and will no doubt be snapped up by an exceptional individual.”

Kahn Design is readying their new Aston Martin DB9 conversions and is picking up as many 007 number plates as possible. How much Kahn will charge for these novelties has not yet been announced but prices range from a few hundred pounds to astronomical.

Kahn Expands Collection of Novelty Number Plates