ADV.1 Bugatti Veyron

It has taken nearly two years of R&D to complete this project but perfection should never be rushed, especially on an engineering marvel like the Bugatti.

Our program was designed and engineered around the unique characteristics of the Veyron. Our setups maintain the OEM outer diameter measuring within 1% of the OEM front and rear tire combination allowing for OEM comparable performance and handling within the confines of the speed limitation of a Z-Rated tire.

So for the first time you can actually drive your Veyron around without wearing out it’s $40,000 tires for all those times you’re not doing 256mph. Oh – and did we mention the Veyron looks nuts with our ADV6.0 Track Spec SL wheel? They were finished in “Veyron Stainless” to match the gas cap perfectly. Like we said – details count.

Source: ADV.1 Press

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