Wrapworks Opel Astra Nurburgring

A total of 835 vehicles of the Nurburgring Edition produced between April 2004 and November 2010 of the Opel Astra with the index letter H have left the Opel Performance Center - better known as OPC in Russelsheim - in the year 2008.

The number 835 in turn what not arbitrarily deterministic mined, rather it is a homage to the lap time of 8:35 minutes, Which was set by Manuel Reuter with his Opel Astra H OPC at the Nordschleife of the Nurburgring. The number 56 of this series with two liters displacement and 240 hp turbo (= 176 kW) is to be discussed here.

However, let us take a closer look at the outer appearance of the ring star. The upcoming firm WRAPworks angel from churches, Which is situated somewhere between Cologne and Olpe, has chosen search Opel compact class.

The crew around Timo LOHMEIER has deepened the theme "Nurburgring Edition" to it and adjusted the design accordingly. The foil colors - metallic titanium mat as well as high-gloss red - have been chosen to match the factory logo. To realize the exclusive foliation and to foil every detail Largely the car has been disassembled into its component parts. A high-gloss digital printing in carbon style what Specially made ​​for the engine hood to accentuate the logo. And the brute delivering sound with Remus exhaust system by the centered tailpipe is perfectly accentuated by Means of the red line ending on it.

To preserve the relation to the original Nurburg Edition, the series checks have been left on the bonnet, tailgate and top, at least Partially. The price for this really exclusive WRAPworks-foliation is at 1,250.00 Euros and it is realizable within two working days. So much to the Astra's "designer outfit." It goes almost without saying so did the number 56 had to stand some changes.

The Astra H OPC is lowered by Means of EIBACH-30/30 springs. The exhaust system from turbo is Usually installed on the sister model Vauxhall Astra VXR and it comes from REMUS. This has to Astra OPC Nurburgring 1 brake cooling and yellow fog lights. So at Whiteline adjustable rear axle-stabilizer and a Pipercross air filters are installed. The Courtenay PU motor bearing and the bronze bushings for the guide pins of the ATE break calipers at the front axle are therefore worth mentioning, Which Ensure a higher pressure point and preventDefault at oblique wear of the lining. The very important part of the connection between car and road take the rims called by Motec Nitro 8x18 ET30, Which are tired with Hankook Ventus V12 225/40ZR18. Finally the rear wiper removed and what Rally-4-by Schroth safety belts were installed inside.

By the way, this car is Regularly running on the Nordschleife and quite Often it makes some larger caliber looking silly, just to mention.

Source: Miranda Media

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