Plymouth Trail Duster

With either 2-wheel or full-tim 4-wheel drive, Trail Duster is designed to get you to the mountains, the deserts, the boondocks--andjust as important, to get you back.

The heart of the Trail Duster's full-time 4-wheel drive system is its transfer case, with Inter-Axle Differential.  It delivers equalized driving power to both the front and rear axles.  It allows the on one axle to travel at a different rate of speed from the wheels on the other axle.  It's a big advantage when cornering or transversing uneven terrain.  And it cuts down on tire wear and stress through the entire drive train.  With Trail Duster's full-time 4-wheel drive, the driving power of four wheels is always there.  Handling and stability are consistent--on or off the road--wherever you go with your Trail Duster.

Standard engines are the 225 Slant Six and 318 V8.  Optional are the 360 V8, 400 V8 and 440 V8 (available on 4x4 models only).

Top Trail Duster two ways.  With an optional steel roof that unbolts or the dealer-installed soft top with roll-up side windows.

Because the backwoods probably don't begin in your backyard, Trail Duster is equipped with station wagon comfort and styling along with 4WD ruggedness.

Source: Plymouth press

Plymouth Trail Duster