Lamborghini Dynavonto Concept by Bashar Ajlani

This car exudes aggressive design as well as functional aerodynamic qualities. The design has been created to illustrate Lamborghini's new highest priority announced in the Geneva Autoshow in 2012, Handling. This vehicle is designed to cut through the air allowing it to gain down force and pressure to assist the vehicle in corners.

Lamborghini has consistently concentrated on acceleration and top speed before handling, until the release of the Aventador. This was the spark of exceeding handling limitations. Performance is important, but without air resistant design any vehicle could lose extra grip. This concept Lamborghini, Dynavonto; has 3 intake vents to give the engine block more cold allowing the vehicle to breathe like a real bull. Low profile sticky tires with intersecting bodylines also add to down force. Even with all this, we cannot ignore the consistency in Lamborghini’s automobile design elements. This is why the rear wing has been removed. As important as a rear wing is, the Murcielago, Aventador, and Reventon do not come with rear wings. This is why for the concept Dynavonto the wing has been removed.

The car looks consistent and exotic, as rear wings could risk the prestigious side of this brand. To summarize this concept design, the Dynavonto carried Lamborghini’s history on its shoulders with its design elements, as well as satisfies the highest performance priority, handling.

Source: Bashar Ajlani

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