Dodge Lil' Red Express Pickup

Introduced as part of a Dodge Truck "adult toy" special model promotion that included several other truck styles, the "Lil’ Red Express" took off on its own--partly because it was the fastest American production vehicle in 1978, able to beat a Corvette getting to 100 mph (160 km/h). Built for only two years and available in one color--Medium Canyon Red--the LRE got its fire from a 360 cu. in. (5.9L) engine linked to a performance automatic transmission. This package was accented by twin chromed vertical exhaust stacks. The body featured distinctive real oak side trim and an oak bed. Although the LRE benefited from emission control requirements on cars, the need to improve mileage and emission output affected truck offerings, too. Dodge this year offered its first diesel—a 103 hp. inline Six--in a light duty truck

Base Price: about $5,000
Engine: OHV V-8
Wheelbase: 114.5 in. (291 cm.)
Horsepower: 225
Length: 194 in. (493 cm.)
Displacement: 360 cu. in. (5.9L)
Weight: 3,695 lbs. (1,676 kg.)
Transmission: 3-speed performance automatic
Suspension: Coil spring independent front suspension and leaf spring live rear axle
Brakes: Power disc brakes (front) power drums (rear)

Source: Dodge press

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