SP Engineering Lamborghini Diablo SV Monterey Edition

For all you Lambo heads out there, this might help you get through the rest of your day. This Diablo SV isn’t your typical SV that you might see roaming around Beverly Hills or cruising up and down PCH. This right here is the Diablo SV Monterey Edition. Only 20 of them were ever made in 1998. For those who don’t know and you’re wondering why you might have seen some Monterey Edition’s in a different color than this blue, it’s because you have. Strangely, they made them in different colors like Pearl Yellow, Lime Green, Le Mans Blue and Verde Scandal. But the very last one built was finished in Lightning Blue over cream and was sold through Prestige Imports in Florida.

The Monterey Edition used a slightly redesigned air intake vent in front of the rear wheels.

Last but not least, the engine. Unhooking 2 quick release pins holding down the rear bonnet, the heart of the car is revealed. With a hefty V12 under the bonnet, this car carries a respectable 535BHP and can soar up to 200MPH.

Source: SP Engineering

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