Renault Fly Concept by Konrad Cholewka

Nowadays, sportscars are getting more powerful, have better handling, and are faster on a track, but are they more exciting to drive? Renault Fly is a project of a lightweight sportscar, essentially a base on which a few or more different cars can be made. Designer Konrad Cholewka focused on what really affects the pleasure of driving a sportscar.

Thanks to the lightweight, low driver's position and large glazing, this vehicle is very exciting to drive. Universality of the frame with exposed components allow you to adjust the vehicle to your proportions.

For example, you can drive it as a buggy off-road, you just need to go to the nearest Renault service and change a few elements, like tires, wheels arches, remove some body panels and windows, and lift up suspension. Base frame with engine, suspension, etc. is still the same.

Source: Konrad Cholewka

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