DMC McLaren MP4-12C Velocita

Part of DMC's core vision is to make good automobiles better. With the customized McLaren MP4 "VELOCITA", Luxury Tuner DMC had once again succeeded in delivery another such highlight at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show.

While other tuners have already showcases their take on the British Supercar, German based prestige-refiner DMC decided that it's time to make the BEST, if first was not an option any longer. Looking a the car they launch here today, it becomes clear that this is the de-facto most aggressive McLaren MP4 we have yet seen from a tuner.

DMC's engineers created a styling and performance package that consists only of the finest and most exclusive materials: Light-weight Carbon Fiber on the body kit, Titanium on the exhaust system, and exclusive Italian Leather on the interior. This is super car tuning at it's finest.

As one of DMC's signature works, the complete body components were not just developed for the eye, but feature an explosion of aerodynamic engineering. While the car's original front bumper was said to look like a smiling face, the super car tuner has converted the MP4 into an aggressive looking beast.

The new front fascia includes a redesigned carbon fiber grill, and a new front lip splitter improves down-pressure on the front axle. The carbon fiber side flaps support road stability by supporting the pressure between the axles. The rear of the car features a carbon fiber rear diffuser that showcases a revised tunnel set-up by adding 2 fins. Lastly, the exhaust has been reengineered from ground up and is now made of pure Titanium. It's monster sound screams so loud that it's likely not legal in most countries, but frankly, we expected no less. The most fierce feature of the car however, may be the rear wing. Together with the rest of the kit, it creates an aura of perfection, that you have to see live in order to understand it. It features a ground braking new surface design, which not only brakes the wind, but also continues to support on the aerodynamics.

The wheel package features a set of diamond forged alloy rims of DMC's Gold Line. These extremely light alloys are 9.5 x 21 at the front, using 255/30 ZR21 pneus, and 12.5 x 21 at the rear, using 355/25 ZR21 tires.

The interior will be designed according to each client's individual wish, to make each car unique. There are no limites when it comes to customizing the driver cabin with Carbon, Wood, Leather or Alcantara - DMC is fullfillinf all requirements from its exclusive clients world wide.

Source: DMC press

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