There will be a new Aston Martin every year.

Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer has an ambitious plan to launch a new vehicle every year, and a previously rumored mid-engine V8 supercar (DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo concept pictured above) would cap the first phase of the new strategy in 2022. In the meantime, every current Aston is due for replacement, and there are a few new ones on the way, too. If this seven-year program succeeds, it should keep the company very busy and ensure a healthy future, which the firm desperately needs after a $172 million loss in 2015.

“By early 2022 we’ll have seven cars, all with seven-year life spans,” Palmer told Autocar. “And we’ll launch an all-new car every year: copy, repeat, copy, repeat.”

The supercar is the furthest away of these seven vehicles, but lead designer Marek Reichman is already thinking about it. He imagines a V8-powered model with a low nose and short overhangs. Look for a vehicle that’s less extreme that upcoming AM-RB 001, though. It seems like he's aiming for something in the vein of a McLaren 650S.

However, Palmer’s first priority is updating Aston Martin’s existing range, Autocar reports. The first vehicle in his plan is the upcoming DB11, which goes on sale very soon to replace the DB9. Next year, the company would launch a new Vantage on a shorter version of the DB11’s platform and a Mercedes-Benz-sourced 4.0-liter biturbo V8 in the engine bay. Next comes a Vanquish replacement with a biturbo V12 making an estimated 820 horsepower. For 2019, the DBX catapults the brand into the competitive luxury crossover segment.

You might notice no mention of the Rapide, and that’s because it’s essentially dead, according to Autocar. A vehicle filling the same niche would come from Aston’s Lagonda brand, though. The luxury division also gets a mystery model, which might be another crossover.

After the mid-engine supercar in 2022, the DB11 would receive a replacement. Palmer then hopes Aston Martin would have enough financial success to start the process again.

Source: Autocar

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