Cheetah-R Concept by Balázs Filczer

The predator of the roads has arrived. Cheetah-R concept is a design study of creating a car which contains anatomical elements of the cheetah.

It’s really hard to create something new and unique in this segment, but I tried to remain innovative within this concept. The outcome is a mid-engine, two-seater sports car.

"Cheetah's bodies are completely built for speed."

The overall shape is based on the main features of the cheetah. It is focused, confident, muscular and dynamic. The silhouette is one of the key aspects of the design, the muscular fenders are popping out of the body imitating the stalking movement of the animal. I wanted to create a stance which looks like the car and can make a lightning dash anytime.

Some special animalish elements are the scratches on the tail lights. Small spoilers on the back simulate the hair (which is also able to move during speeding up). The carbon fiber elements resemble the skull and the bones. Cheetahs are not able to move without a spine, so the motor block should be placed as a spine which flows back to the front.

At the front the headlights, featuring 3 LED lights, look rather focused than angry. The large lower lip that runs along the entire length on the side of the car is to increase the overall downforce.

Source: Balázs Filczer

Cheetah-R Concept by Balázs Filczer