AC Schnitzer BMW 3-Series Touring

Could it not be a bit more? The new BMW 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer combines BMW’s new regional planning with fine tuning.

In its fifth circulation the new BMW 3-series Touring is enticing with clearly more space. With its standard boot increased to 35 litres, a larger wheel base, a higher roof and clever packing and loading ideas, the Touring production-line offers more than its predecessor. “Could it not be a bit more?” the team from AC Schnitzer is asking. As regards to this question, the offer of more space is obviously not the most important factor.

Engine tuning and performance upgrades have a long tradition at AC Schnitzer. To be on the safe side however, we prefer not to extract the maximum possible power but instead ensure greater robustness, which means a longer life of the engine. Many of our diesel performance upgrades are therefore designed for an increase in torque rather than an increase in horsepower. Because torque is what you feel when for example you're "pressed back in the seat" on pulling away.

Source: AC Schnitzer Press

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