Americans rejoice! Finally an BMW M3 comes to the states that is as good as the Europeans get. After taking the model year 200 off, BMW began exporting the 2002 BMW M3. The cherry on top was that the M3 came in either a two-door coupe or a convertible. A base M3 coupe MSRP was $46,545.


Introduced late as a 2001 model, the 2002 BMW M3 model is essentially identical in almost every way. Exclusive M3 side vents allow for brake cooling and are dead giveaway that this is an M and not a normal 3-series. Rounded mirrors and a power dome at the front of the vehicle further indicate that this is not a regular 3-series. At the rear of the vehicle, a deck lid lip spoiler sits atop the trunk and a quad-tipped exhaust in the center of the rear bumper further set this BMW M3 apart. The ten-spoke wheels are distinctive at 18” and finished in dark satin chrome.


The M3 Coupe is considered a five-seater, but it is not recommended to cram three people in the back. The rear windows are power operated, as well as the front windows and both front seats. The coupe offers a nice trunk, which has been pre-wired for a garage door opener, CD player, security system and cell phone. The three-spoke steering wheel contains buttons for nearly everything: cruise control, audio system controls, and the factory-installed phone. The interior trim has been swapped from the old Black High Gloss trim to a Titanium Shadow trim. Also in 2002, the headrests have been changed to improve safety, and the new automatic climate control system.


Featuring a new 3.2-liter inline-six engine, bumping the horsepower up from last year’s 240 to 333 horsepower. Torque has increased to 262 ft-lb and the top speed is limited at 155 mph. Paired to BMW’s Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG), the 2002 BMW M3 can reach 60 mph from a dead stop in just around five seconds flat.


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