Lucra LC470

More than 50 years experience of racecar and supercar construction and the latest computer-aided design and manufacturing technology went into the street-legal LC470. The Lucra LC470 sports racing car has incredibly high performance yet remains tractable enough for day-to-day street use.

The LC470 owes much to its stiff, strong chassis. Built with seamless, 4" drawn-over-mandrel steel tube and powder coated for durability, its low rolling weight helps the LC470 SC model power to 149 mph over a 9-second standing-start quarter mile. The LC470-S running 375hp still manages to delivers a 3.4 second 0-60, 129 mph over an 11.6-second quarter mile

Carbon fiber body, aluminum suspension, 1971 lb weight, and tons of horsepower aren't much use if the car doesn't hold the road and corner well. Weight distribution is 53% rear and 47% front, an ideal distribution if handling is to be forgiving and traction incredible. The LC470 has a particulalrly low center of gravity but still retains 5" ground clearance. Accordingly, the car digs into turns without the need for anti-roll bars. Aluminum racing seats and four-point harnesses keep driver and passenger safe and comfortable when the LC470 pulls up to 1.4 g's in corners - on street tires!

Power has to be managed carefully and precisely. All bump steer and tire scrub are eliminated by careful attention to steering and suspension geometry. The LC470's high performance sits on a stable platform with no surprises even at supercar speeds. Front and rear suspension castor, camber and toe are easily tuned.

Only the best materials, sub-assemblies and accessories are used in the LC470. Precision-engineered gauges provide accurate feedback to the driver. Aircraft F/911 grade bolts are used throughout the LC470. Rated at 180,000 psi, their hardened alloy steel is extremely strong and makes sure that both the bolts and the parts they anchor have a long working life. High pressure aircraft-grade A/N stainless steel lines are used for all fuel, cooling, and brake systems. Elegant custom-fabricated, ceramic-coated, tuned headers and side pipes are standard on the LC470. Ceramic coating keeps operating temperatures down and the side pipes are tucked neatly into body recesses.

A performance car that takes taller drivers is rare. The Lucra LC470 cockpit accommodates people up to 6'7" in roomy comfort. Even with the soft top in place. Driver position is fully configurable to optimize balance and driving comfort regardless of the driver's height. Even the gear shift can be repositioned easily. Seat position can be fine-tuned and the Tilton 3-pedal assembly is fully adjustable, including front/rear brake balance.

And, for those lazier days, the trunk can hold two sets of golf clubs and luggage.

Source: Lucra press

Lucra LC470