Seat Mii Vibora Negra

Within just one month of putting the Mii city car on sale in the UK, SEAT introduces the sensational Vibora Negra edition.

Available now, the Vibora Negra – which means black viper in Spanish – is the ultimate iteration of Mii. It showcases a complete range of personalisation accessories available for the car, and marks the beginning of a host of planned customisation packs.

The Mii packs plenty of visual punch as it is, but this new range of visual accessories takes it to a new level; the Vibora Negra pack transforms the Mii into one of the most striking, visually aggressive and sportiest city cars currently on sale, endowing it with the spirit of SEAT’s most powerful FR and Cupra models.

Malcolm Allison, Aftersales Product Manager for SEAT UK, said: “The Vibora Negra pack brings out all the sporty characteristics of the Mii, and showcases the exciting customisation possibilities for the car in future.

“We created it to give buyers in the UK a break from the norm, and the chance to give their Mii a personal touch; the great thing about the Vibora Negra range is that each of the parts can be bought separately, so there’s something for every budget.

“We started with the viper stripes because they’re such a classic way to personalize a car, and we stuck with a black theme to evoke the stunning Ibiza Bocanegra.

“We’ve aimed the pack at younger buyers looking for ways to make their Mii more striking without breaking the bank. This is just the beginning, though – there are plenty more Mii personalisation packages in the pipeline, so there’ll be huge scope for individualism, and something to suit everyone.”

With the Mii having just gone on sale in the UK (June 18 2012), the quick availability of the Vibora Negra pack is a clear indication of SEAT’s desire to make it the most desirable and distinctly sporty city car on the market.

Source: Seat press

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