Schmidt Revolution Chevrolet Camaro SS

The Chevrolet Camaro SS is a remarkable car. It is often compared with the legendary Ford Mustang.

The dominant power dome on the engine bonnet gives justified reasons for speculations, because the 6.2 liters V8 engine produces 432 HP standard at a max. torque of 569 N/m. After having passed a power cure with compressor kit by Speed Box, the Camaro produces impressionating 625 HP.

The BORLA stainless steel exhaust half-system has its own full up sound. The matt black body paintwork underlines the catlike manner of the Chevy.

The top of the pops is this phenomenal wheel/tire combination named Rhino out of the seemly endless wheel model pool of Schmidt Revolution Bad Segeberg, Germany. For this type of care have been used equipped with 265/30-R22 and 295/25-R22 tires 10x22” and 11x22” wheels, without wheel arch crimping. In addition, the high quality Rhino rims from Schmidt Revolution have especially weather proof stainless steel faceplate, that can be replaced in case of damage in a cheap and quick way thanks to an optimized installation. The Rhino light alloy rims are available in 9x20”, 10x22” and 11x22”.

Source: Schmidt Revolution press

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