Schmidt Revolution Porsche Cayenne

Despite the fact that, as we hope, the gold October is still in the future, everyone knows that it is never too early to prepare for the forthcoming winter approaching. With this in mind, a lot of people could well learn from a squirrel nowadays: it make stocks for the winter, so that winter could not be a surprise, and the next winter is coming soon! If we talk about the real life, it means nothing but the need to think about the fact that it is time to acquire snow tires for your car.

The fact that the Porsche Cayenne comes (equipped with an additive I (from 2002 to 2010) or II (since 2010)), with snow tires looks very attractive is confirmed by the well-known company Schmidt Revolution in Bad Segeberg. The combination of wheels and tires consists of the wheel rims, made in Rhino design, of 10 × 22 inches size, and the snow tires of your car are of 295/30R22 size. Thus, your car will be fully prepared for the harsh winter testing. In addition, we should admit that the Porsche sport utility vehicle despite its “winter boots” looks very attractive.

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