Schmidt Revolution Porsche Cayenne II

The presented here Porsche Cayenne II gives to the potential customers an extremely pleasant taste of summer. Compared to his predecessor Cayenne I, produced until 2010, the new one lost 180 kg of weight, the front cooling air openings have become smaller and the headlights as well as the design of the interior space, have borrowed some elements from the Panamera. And, despite different technical refinements aimed at reaching the weight reduction, the Cayenne II still weighs in about two tons. But whereas there is a wide range of possible motorization, by the way, the new car is almost identical to its sister model VW Touareg II, there is no doubt, the solution for each purpose will be found.

New Cayenne II is unproblematic, just like the “previous one“, but at the same time it offers luxury, individuality, functionality and design, Schmidt Revolution company from Bad Segeberg shows us once again a SUV with a magnificent red-tire-combination: the 10x22 inches one-piece five spoke summer rims are called CC-Line, the car features tires of the following dimensions: 295/30R22, on the front axle in 11.5x22 inches and, respectively, 335/25R22 on the rear axle, can be ordered in silver and perfectly matching, black color (glossy or matte) and in exquisite black chrome. The last variant has a cover, made from a stainless steel, which doesn’t allow the dirt sticking to it. All the alloy wheels mentioned above are, by the way, mounted on the Cayenne II body without any subsequent works. Finally it should be noted that the standard height of the suspension was reduced with the help of H&R-suspension lowering module.

Source: Schmidt Revolution press

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