Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept

83rd Geneva Motor Show the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) of Turin presents the world premiere of 'Gloria', a concept created by the Master in Transportation Design in collaboration with the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

The prototype is the sportiness and Italian style of a brand of great international appeal with its products brought into the world the beauty of the design made ​​in Italy. It is 1966, in the United States reinforces the myth of the vehicle manufacturer with the iSpider duet in the movie The Graduate. Today, the concept 'Gloria' still wants to be an international challenge, which is always looking overseas to the U.S. market and the Asian market. The European Institute of Design in Turin, thanks to the support and closeness to the Design Center EMEA Fiat-Chrysler, had the opportunity to 'train' her young car designers on the theme: "Imagine a sedan Alfa Romeo to be communicated to the U.S. market and the Asian market."

The sedan is in fact, for these markets, a symbol of elegance and prestige to be considered comfortable spaces both front and rear, expressing the length of the model. In particular, the Alfa Romeo Style Centre has participated with enthusiasm in the various phases of the project: the brief product along with the historical collection of the brand, from the initial proposals of style, until the development in the clay model in 1:1 scale. "We asked the students of the Master in complete autonomy to interpret a new sedan Alfa Romeo - says Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Head of Fiat & Chrysler Design -.

During the development we commented on, discussed and addressed the projects in order to get the most spontaneous expression of their creativity. The result was exciting and very professional and creative. " 4700 mm long, 1920 mm wide, 1320 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2900 mm, 'Gloria' is a sports sedan by bold lines that run along the side until ' rear end. Road would be powered by a latest generation V6 or V8 biturbo. On the hood is a powerful reminder of the Alfa Romeo shield made ​​from the car's lines that emphasize the three-dimensional shapes. The leather straps are a reminder of the memorable front leather straps to the trunks of the cars history of the brand. 'Gloria' is the result of the work of twenty students of the Master (academic year 2011/2012) from Italy and several other countries and cultures.

The concept is the result of a process that simulated a real work situation: the brief of the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, in search of style up to twenty project proposals developed in the clay model in 1:4 scale. Among all models, was selected the one that best corresponded to the initial brief given by the Alfa Romeo brand. The entire class of students, divided into groups, but heavily involved and motivated, then worked on the final draft to scale. "The possibility that we have been given to develop a concept car in collaboration with the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, is was a great opportunity to show how the IED is, first of all, an Italian school who wants to create beauty - declares César Mendoza, Director of IED Turin -.

Which brand best Alfa Romeo to teach our students how the shapes and volumes can convey strong emotions, nurturing the desire to design a car? The passion evoked by the brand has achieved with force students and professors of the Master, allowing him to go to tight deadlines until the final surrender of a project certainly complex. The European Institute of Design is now proud to represent the world in a way excellent Italian to school. " The 'Master of Arts in Transportation Design - work experience' is a training highly qualified, competent, and that prepares professionals in the automotive able to face the world of work through an ongoing relationship with companies and design centers. The model has been built with the help of Cecomp, main sponsor of 2013 and important enterprise of the territory, which has been working with the Institute in the process of prototyping. Coupling the tenth presence in Geneva, the European Institute of Design offers for 2013, the possibility of testing the stand an experience of integration of the full-scale model with augmented reality.

The concept will in fact be played on ipad virtual ambience, where you can interact with it, choosing among five models of circles and five body colors to try and replace the real ones. The five rings are the result of an educational project developed in collaboration with OZ Racing, sponsor of the 20 "wheels of Glory, requested the Master's students to design a series of proposals. Among these, five were selected for the 'virtual interaction. The five rings are also the subject of a call for ingenuity and IED OZ Racing will launch on the stand through the app and on the web to decide the winning design by the design more interesting.

Source: Alfa Romeo Press

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