Shimmy Specter GT3 Concept by Shimmy Design

The 2013 Shimmy Specter GT3 concept car is one the fastest, most powerful cars Shimmy Auto has created, charging out more than 1000bhp.

The GT3 comes packed with an insanely powerful Twin SuperCharged V8 engine paired with lightweight carbon fiber components and aluminium body panels. The entire car is covered with vents and scoops that cool the engine, making for a staggering driving experience. Entire sections of the original Specter have been redesigned and reshaped into what you see here; the most amazing Specter yet.

The Hypersports version of the Specter is the last iteration of the current-generation Specter, following the original and Roadster versions. The GT3 takes a lot of inspiration from Koenigsegg supercars, as exemplary models of lightweight V8 power. All of the specifications for the Specter GT3 are conceptual, but they draw from real-life examples to avoid becoming too far fetched.

Source: Shimmy Design

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