Lazzarini Design Fiat 500

Thank the car gods. We know the first thing that everyone asks themselves when they see the cute little Fiat 500 is ‘what’s the biggest engine we can shove in there?’ Well, now we have our answer. The 4.5-L V8 off the Ferrari 458 Italia, of course.

Lazzarini Design, like us, felt that the 101 hp on the standard 500 was nothing short of boring. Although the 500 Abarth did pack a bit more of a punch, it barely makes its way into the quick department. Thus, the only solution to this problem was to find the biggest engine that they were able to fit into the back of the standard 500 (albeit with some stretching). This came in the form of Ferrari‘s sonorous 4.5-L V8.

Thankfully, the standard 562 hp mill was tuned to be a bit milder for the small car. They knocked it down to a more reasonable, ahem, 542 hp. With the engine in place, the 500′s wheelbase was stretched nearly a foot to compensate. Right now, Lazzarini says that they are looking for some investors to dish up $550K to make their Fiat 550 Italia into a dream come true. To quote a traditional Italian phrase, “That’s a mighty spicy meatball-ah!”

Source: Jeff Perez

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