CFC Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

It is well known that the cars by Mercedes-Benz’s own tuning company named AMG have aggressive optics, high performance, better handling and stability. The presented here 5-speed automatic gearbox fitted by AMG S65 V12 has the good weight of 2,200 kg and a 6-liter engine of 612 hp and maximal torque of 1,000 Nm at the crankshaft.

But what would it all mean without the ‘corresponding’ outfit? In this case, the CFC® Styling Station SUNDERN DESIGN-WORLD from Sauerland is surely an adequate partner. They have implied here high flexible special wrapping foil named CFC® Carbody Coloring that perfectly fits for the whole or partial 3D-application on primed or varnished surfaces, as well as on glass. The offered fields of application are not limited to cars, but also include such vehicles as motorcycles and boats, furniture also may be considered. Therefore, the high-quality wrapping foils by CFC® can be implied on primed or varnished surfaces creating a marvelous effect.

Foiling of the tuned vehicles and show cars with CFC® wrapping foil is considered to be a worthy and inexpensive alternative to complete varnishing. The foil protects the original surface against fading due to UV radiation and helps to protect against scratches, wear, corrosion, and road stones. One can definitely find a variant for his taste in the palette of the high-quality wrapping foil for complete foiling which includes about 100 shades from matt, metallic and printed up to flip-flop colors.

And it goes without saying that even the partial foiling brings great optical changes! Further on, everything can be diverted in the original stand again while this foil can be removed without any loss. We are back to the white AMG S65. Its hood, top and boot lid are foiled with KK-Cocoon Xirallic KKCO X50. The rest of the body shimmers in CFC Carbody Coloring Pearl White. The Silver-Color company (, which is responsible for ‘upgrading’ of the car models from 2006 to 2011 years of manufacture, has made its contribution to the outer optics. The modification includes new front and rear bumpers, new door sills, new radiator case and also new door mirror; they have changed front and back lights and widened the wheel arches. The S&N Design GbR company from Sindelfingen is responsible for the grand interior in black-and-white nappa quilting.

Source: CFC press
Photo Credit: Jordi Miranda

CFC Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG