CFC Volkswagen Polo 6R

The Volkswagen Polo is still a welcome guest on the auto tuning scene. Now it is offered by Volkswagen in the fifth generation already, to be specific, since 2009 as Polo V with the 6R type marking. As long as literally every car can be optimized, it’s really not surprising when some firms with different approaches combine their efforts to put into practice a new project, and of course, with clear allocation of duties! In such cooperations synergetic effects must be recognized as soon as possible. In this case, CFC® in Weilheim with CFC® StylingStation® Neuss, the firms MK-SoundStyle Neuss, AIV in Heilbronn and ASA-Wheels from Kaiserslautern have established a sort of a joint venture and, as a result, Polo 6R of the special type has seen the light.

The CFC® StylingStation® Neuss is responsible for the exterior appearance of the Polo, at the same time it is in charge of the realization of the whole project. The vehicle was completely foiled by CFC in a princess-style camouflage design, which creates a delicate mixture of the two pink tints of different intensity and the two relatively colorless primary hues. For this complete camouflage design foiling by CFC a colossal set of different colors is available. By the camouflage we mean here an actual concealment. Anyway, the outfit of this Polo 6R is absolutely the opposite! For example, among other things, the Polo 6R also has screw-threaded AP chassis with improved dynamics.

And of course, the vehicle is equipped with the most exquisite combination of wheels and tires: TEC by ASA AS2 Max.-Pink wheel rims in 8x18 inches are equipped with the package of tires by Falken, in the dimensions of 215/35-18. Some carbon parts originate from blackGold designs, and the rear bumper finally makes Polo GTI 6R a friendly-looking “piece of art”.

The interior of the Polo – the acoustic system, to be more specific – is the competence of MK-SoundStyle and AIV. The full audio system Rainbow DL-C6.2 includes such components as 20-mm silk tweeters and a neodymium speaker driver. If you look more carefully, you will find a frequency filter with 12 dB/octave, as well as the filter for high and low-pitch tones with a threefold noise level reducer. A low-midrange driver covered with a membrane of natural fiber assures natural sound playback. The Rainbow Intelli Sub 8 AFE, a very flat 200-mm active subwoofer in the body equipped with high level in and the auto-start function, no doubt, dots the i’s and crosses the t’s. Under the driver’s seat you can see a stable aluminum die-cast body, as well as the woofer with 2 x 2 Ohm dual oscillating coil and a remote control, of course.

Source: CFC press
Photo Credit: Jordi Miranda

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