2006 Opel Frontera Spy Photos

The 2006 Opel Frontera II marks the return of the Opel SUV.  Just like the previous Frontera, the second generation will also come from another manufacturer.  This time a Chevrolet/Daewoo joint venture is the source for the new SUV.  The Chevrolet S3X concept unveiled at the 2004 Paris Auto Show provides a good clue to the new Frontera II.  The front will be slightly changed to accommodate the new Opel corporate front.  Interior will remain relatively the same, with a manual being offered in Europe as standard.  Possible introduction dates are either Paris 2005 or 2005 Frankfurt.  Sales should start in early 2006.


With the recent rename of the Daewoo brand in Europe to Chevrolet, the new S3X will also come as a new Chevrolet. Engines will be shared with the Opel, including the first Chevrolet diesel.  The Daewoo version will be only sold in ASEAN markets.


In addition to the above 3 mentioned brands, Saturn and Buick may also receive the S3X concept as an addition or replacements to their lineups.  The Saturn Vue is expected to be replaced with the S3X in the near future.  North American models are expected to receive either 5 or 7 seats with the Opel Frontera possibly using 7 seats.

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