Lincoln Zephyr Convertible Coupe

Although the Mercury, now in its second year, was receiving much of the attention at Ford Motor Company in 1940, the Lincoln-Zephyr remained in the limelight. This was in part due to the departure of the big Model K Lincoln from the catalog. Just 139 were built in 1939, leading to the decision to cancel a new 05L model then in development. That left the $1,740 Zephyr Town Limousine as the most prestigious formal car and the $2,840 Continental as the most glamorous.

The year saw a considerable number of changes to the Lincoln-Zephyr. The bodies were all new, although they looked only subtly different. Wider and taller, they provided more comfort to passengers. The adoption of a column shift for the transmission left the front floor clear and removed the need for a center pedestal. As a result, the dashboard was redesigned, its instruments relocated in front of the driver. Outside, the nose now raked slightly forward, and sealed beam headlamps nestled into reshaped fenders, their bright bezels accommodating new parking lights. Door hinges were now concealed, and a “controlled ventilation system” placed vent windows in the front doors.

The car’s windows were larger, and the windshield more steeply angled. At the rear, the spare tire now sat below the trunk floor, rather than on the cumbersome tilt-out bracket used previously. The top on the Convertible Coupe was now power-operated with a vacuum system. Engines were bored out to 2-7/8 inches, for 292 cubic inch displacement and 120 brake horsepower.

The Convertible Sedan was dropped, and the fastback Coupe-Sedan was replaced with a notchback Club Coupe. The Town Limousine returned but on borrowed time. After 98 cars, it, like the Convertible Sedan, was gone.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in June of 2012 at the Dingman Collection, Hampton, New Hampshire.

120 bhp, 292 cu. in. L-head V-12 engine, three-speed manual transmission, solid front axle and live rear axle with transverse semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 125"

Source: RM Auctions

Lincoln Zephyr Convertible Coupe