Ford Standard Tudor Sedan

For 1935, the redesigned Ford model line helped the company to outsell Chevrolet for the first time since 1930. It achieved that with cars like this 1935 Ford Standard Tudor Sedan, relatively basic transportation that was routinely driven into the ground by its owner, and as a result, few rarely survive today.

This car has survived, and beautifully so. Reportedly, its original Midwestern owner passed away in a farming accident not long after acquiring the Ford. The Ford was stored by his widow until she too passed on in 1977, at which point it was purportedly purchased by Jerry Lee Lewis of rock-and-roll fame, apparently for his personal collection. It was later part of the highly regarded Art Astor Collection in California.

The tudor retains its original dark green paint, with only minor scratches and the occasional chip or dent. The restored chrome and brightwork are very nice, and the long grain vinyl top has been correctly replaced. The original interior remains well-preserved, with beige cloth upholstery, brown rubber floor mats, and a burgundy-finished dashboard, as well as an original radio with a speaker mounted above the dashboard. Under the hood remains mostly original, with the exception of a newly installed battery cut-off switch, new belts and hoses, and a cylinder head replaced many years ago. The current owner reports that the car runs as sweetly and silently as could be wished.

This is a 1935 Ford that has been left just as its original owner enjoyed it. Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!

80 bhp, 221 cu. in. L-head V-8 engine, three-speed sliding-gear manual transmission, live axle suspension with transverse leaf springs, and four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 112 in.

Part of the RM Auctions event in Arizona in January, 2013.

Source: RM Auctions
Photo Credit: Simon Clay

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