Carlsson Super GT C25 Limited Edition

The Carlsson C25 developed and specially handcrafted by Carlsson will be produced as a seven vehicle Limited Edition for the Chinese market. All Limited Edition vehicles with serial numbers 1-3 and 5-8 have already been sold to end customers and will be manufactured individually according to the owners’ wishes.

The Carlsson C25 Super GT philosophy remains unchanged: maximum driving performance with optimal everyday practicality combined with outstanding design and utmost exclusivity will make the Carlsson C25 LE a coveted toy for the discerning automotive enthusiast in China as well.

The Carlsson C25 LE also meets the highest safety standards since the crash structure corresponds to the basic model and offers maximum occupant protection. In addition, the Carlsson Super GT is particularly easy to maintain because it can be maintained all over the world - including in China - through the existing Mercedes Benz or Carlsson service network.

The body has been newly developed and manufactured entirely out of carbon fiber. The total weight was reduced by 180 kilograms as compared to the basic model. In addition to new front and rear lights, the C25’s rear side windows and rear window were redesigned and manufactured. Further technical highlights include the composite braking system, available on request, the C-Tronic® Suspension chassis with iPhone control, the 450 hp performance of the Carlsson V8, and two massive, all-aluminum tailpipes of the Carlsson exhaust system in a sophisticated design.

With the C25 Limited Edition, the automobile manufacturer Carlsson guarantees the highest individuality for the Chinese market. Thus, each car is unique. Combinations of colors and coatings are individually made to order, as are the materials used and the entire interior design. None of the seven vehicles are alike. "We wanted to develop a vehicle that is highly exclusive on the one hand, and on the other hand can be also be used for the daily commute to the office. A Super GT which impresses with its driving comfort in urban traffic as much as its capability to go from zero to 100. This concept is especially suited to the Chinese market and we are delighted with the very high level of interest," said Carlsson CEO and engineer Markus Schuster.

In the tradition of the great chassis builders, Carlsson has reached a milestone in the history of the company with their first self-developed car. The Carlsson C25 design borrows from legendary car forms of the 70s and 80s and newly interprets the use of a Super GT. The C25 Limited Edition showcases the wide range of automobile manufacturer Carlsson’s experience, passion and ingenuity in the creation of impressive cars.

The Carlsson C25 Limited Edition No. 1 will be transferred by air to Shanghai. The other vehicles will be hand-manufactured over the next twelve months at Gut Wiesenhof in Merzig and then delivered to the customers. The Carlsson C25 Limited Edition is available starting at a price of 4,000,000 RMB ($628,500 USD).

Source: Carlsson press

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