Ford Model AA Cretors Popcorn Truck

Charles Cretors’ first mobile roaster wagon was horse-drawn, but the popularity of the automobile soon dictated truck-based vending. Ford’s 1-1/2 ton Model AA, introduced in 1928, was an economical and sturdy platform for the roaster, and by this time, Cretors had moved from steam to gas and electric roasters. The popularity of popcorn in movie theaters ensured a lasting business for roasting equipment, and C. Cretors and Company remains a cornerstone of the hot snack food industry today.

This 1930 Model AA Popcorn Truck has covered barely 6,000 miles, since most of its traveling has been on circus trains. Restored about 20 years ago, it has a recent professional repaint and has been upgraded with an electric refrigerator and freezer to allow vending of ice cream and other snacks. The original gas popcorn popper and Cretors clown are intact and in good condition. An eye-catching icon, it is suitable for display or life in the business world.

Part of the RM Auctions event for Charlie Thomas in October, 2012.

40 bhp, 200.4 cu. in. inline L-head four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, solid front axle with transverse semi-elliptic leaf spring, live rear axle with cantilever leaf springs, and four-wheel mechanical drum brakes. Wheelbase: 131.5 in.

Source: RM Auctions
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Ford Model AA Cretors Popcorn Truck