Anderson Porsche Panamera

The Fourth Dimension in Red - What Porsche calls the fourth dimension, is actually a small revolution of Swabians relatively to the new definition of the topic of four doors and four seats, which to the present day is the No-Go in Zuffenhausen.

Let's start with a tuning package, which consists of the radiator cowl, as well as the corresponding pendant on the top, the side channel bar and the almost obligatory antiwing. The underlined sports air intakes on the left and right, by the way, in a brilliant black display the product to the best advantage, while the border of the headlights create a “leer” of a special type. The exclusive hood, made of carbon, with its air intakes and boot lid of that ultralight, but prohibitively expensive material were in the end for the benefit of the weight saving. The bright headlights with light emitting diodes, the rear lights and all without exception glasses can be ordered in tinted version.

Let's proceed with the interlink between the vehicle and the road: the shiny black disks with red borders of the 10×22 inches size, which give the possibility to see a strong braking system, a set of tires of 265/30-22 size from the front or 295/25-22 from the rear - more than an adequate “Shoes”. As for the lowered suspension, the original height settings are available by pressing the button, but everything is now 40 mm lower.

The ANDERSON professionals painted the turbo-bolide in an incomparably dim red, the poetry on four wheels. The fact that there was an increase of the capacity of the 500 series to 585 hp, is a combination of the software optimization with the exhaust system, equipped with sports accelerators, and the latest is equipped with a console for the choke with three intervals.

Inside (literally) the car, ANDERSON monitors that an exclusive, easy-to-use sports steering wheel with carbon fiber strike one's eye. The carbon interior includes molding, the console in front and back, and fitted with red logo sill pads in a black border. Then, the interior is fully trimmed with carbon leather with black alcantara with keder on the edges and diamond-shaped seams. There are diamond-shaped seams in alcantara upholstery. The legroom in front and back is illuminated with red light emitting diodes with DIMM-module.

The guard bars, as well as the lights covering on the ceiling is made in lacquered black. And the most remarkable is the sound system with lockable monitor with the PS3 and DVD functions, which ensures the proper sound.

Source: Anderson press
Photo Credit: Jordi Miranda

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