Vath Mercedes-Benz SLS

The motto “Give Your Car Wings” is already anticipated by the vehicle manufacturers, but does not prevent the company VÄTH Automotive from Bavarian Aschaffenburg near Hösbach from eliciting the wings for more power.

With the engine electronics optimization and in-house high-performance exhaust system, the tuning kit from V63S VÄTH achieves the peak performance of 615 hp and 680 Nm at 5800 rpm. Here, the newly programmed engine management with custom ignition and injection characteristics delivers power to achieve the top speed of 330 km/h. The sprint from zero to 100 km/h is completed in just 3.6 seconds.

The VÄTH high-performance exhaust system has a special extra pneumatic valve system with manual control in the cockpit. This allows you to adjust the tone of the 6.3-liter eight-cylinder “on-the-fly” between pleasantly quiet or sporting pithy.

This power is required for VÄTH SLS high-performance brake system which has increased the loads. Slotted rotors with matching high-performance brake pads and steel flex lines of VÄTH ensure that deceleration of the supercar brings it to a stop quickly.

For efficient translation of the performance and driving dynamics to the asphalt, VÄTH three-part forged rims in the dimensions of 9.5J x 20 at the front and 11.5J x 20 at the rear were installed. The weight of the wheel pairs is different due to large wheels of non-standard dimensions and is born by the tires in dimensions of 265/30ZR20 at the front and 315/25ZR20 at the rear. The spiders are painted in titanium color, but can be painted in any color at your option.

The VÄTH Comfort Suspension provides visual and driving dynamics benefits from lowering by 25 millimeters. This allows VÄTH SLS to provide the optimal and safe driving and comfort on the road.

For very high speeds which the VÄTH SLS will often gain on the road, there is VÄTH aerodynamic package fully developed from carbon fiber composite, which greatly improves the stability and traction, and has a discreet and stylish look. This includes an integrated front lip spoiler, which increases the downforce on the front axle at high speeds. To achieve the optimum balance of pressure between the front and the rear, the latter represents VÄTH boot spoiler fitted with trailing edge. The side skirts also improve the brake ducts on the rear axle.

The interior had to go through certain procedures. The engineered leather sport steering wheel can also be provided upon request with carbon or wood applications. The speedometer was generously extended to 400 mph. The black floor mats from the high quality and durable material have silver VÄTH logos. Furthermore, door trimming with special leather is possible.

Source: VÄTH press
Photo Credit: Jordi Miranda

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