McLaren Pangolin Concept

Since conception, now famed British automaker McLaren has been synonymous with on-track prowess. Cars like the F1, the MP4-12C and the P1, have all become known as some of the most highly advanced and technologically driven vehicles on the market. Now though, Chinese designer Zhou Fang and his team envisioned a step in a new direction for the automaker, one, less compelled by on-track performance, but rather, an advanced integration of off-road performance technology.

The McLaren Pangolin is such a concept. Combining an arrangement of famed British in-car technology, a heightened wheelbase and off-road capabilities, the design team from Instituto Europeo di Design created this one of a kind concept.

Beginning with a very McLaren-esque front end, the concept features a smooth and futuristic body shape ranging from the panoramic roofline to the signature butterfly doors.

Paired to a four-wheel drive system, the Pangolin utilizes a hybridized version of a standard V8 with two battery packs located under the driver and passenger seat, and an electric motor in the rear. All this technology, presents an alternative to the 4x4 of today and provides a look at a more efficient and proficient new direction for the future of off-roading.

Source: Zhous Fang

McLaren Pangolin Concept