Risden BMW 6R

Risden Engineering is previewing the release of it's car, based on the BMW F13, meant to give drivers the satisfaction of a track car that performs well on the street and the track.

The Risden 6R will be incorporating quite a few components to deliver a more euphoric driving experience through a well thought out streetable track car. Among them will be a complete aerosystem suited with a fixed wing and a retractable wing, and also built in cooling features to aid in the better delivery of traction, stability, and brake and engine cooling.

A weight reduction, fully adjustable suspension, 4 point roll bar, and a new brake system have also been put in place to improve acceleration performance, handling, and stopping power.
Risden Engineering will reveal more details upon the 6R's official release in the first quarter of 2013.

Source: Risden Press

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