Abflug Mercedes-Benz SL R230 Platinum

Gallant Abflug is the top brand of Abflug. We selected the Mercedes as the main target of development for 2013. The SL-Class, to be announced today, is also located on the highest peak in the GA and models that have been developed as the first of "Platinum series".

Abflug unique originality that specializes in this first visit to the Design. There is no idea to say Abflug the "Mercedes is a base" because It was made ​​with a unique sensibility "the shape of this car, there should be a way" and the concept is "the best or nothing ALL or NOTHING". Continue to have a desire to say "there is no meaning of any kind must be the best in all", Abflug of the future make the car "the increased breast of its existence."

Source: Abflug Press

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