Bugatti Type 57C Atalante

The 57C Atalante is an extraordinary, high-performance road car that Bugatti manufactured during its golden era. Chassis 57766 is a matching-numbers, award-winning example that best showcases today what Jean Bugatti designed more than 70 years ago due to its superb restoration, provenance and originality. First sold to Greek playboy and racing driver Nicholas Embericos, this car was later sold to Al Garthwaite, a pioneer in the early years of American motorsport, who raced it at Bridgehampton and Mount Equinox.

Also owned by leading collectors Dr. Sam Scher and John W. Strauss of New York, the Bugatti gracefully survived the passing generations due to the kind stewardship of its few caretakers. Discovered in untouched condition at Mr. Strauss’s estate, the ‘barn-find’ Bugatti proved to be an ideal candidate for restoration and therefore was taken to Sargent Metal Works in Vermont. With Sargent’s unparalleled marque expertise, the Bugatti was brought back to life with added value, preserving its original features and rich history. Since that time, the 57C Atalante won a class award at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and a Best-of-Show at the 2012 Saratoga Invitational.


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