Prindiville Lamborghini Murcielago

British-based Prindiville Prestige is reviving the traditional art of exclusive coachbuilding and complementing it with modern materials and technologies, allowing clients to create a car that is unique. And to demonstrate its talents in three-dimensional form, Prindiville Prestige has painstakingly handcrafted the ‘Murciélago by Prindiville’.

Although retaining the central core of the donor Lamborghini, in terms of its bodywork ‘Murciélago by Prindiville’ shares only the front compartment lid; all the other panels, including the roof, have been replaced and restyled.

There’s a bolder, more aggressive front valance, eye-catching sills, a more dynamic rear valance through which exits a specially designed titanium sports exhaust system, ‘handle-less’ doors with remote electric opening, and a restyled engine bay cover with transparent cooling louvres. All of the body panels are in exquisitely finished carbonfibre.

‘Murciélago by Prindiville’ features a bespoke interior, enhanced by the use of rich ostrich hide and precision-milled aluminium accents. There are also ‘little touches’ that reveal the depth of the company’s attention to detail – precision engineered aluminium air vents, for instance.

Clients can, of course, specify whatever on-board entertainment and communications systems they desire. An extra that they may wish to consider is the door mirror camera system fitted to the ‘Murciélago by Prindiville.’ Installed in each of the door mirrors, miniature cameras feed images to a monitor in the cabin, helping owners to protect the sills and alloy wheels of the car when parking next to high kerbs; a rear valance-mounted camera is also part of the system.

At the very high end of the car market, exclusivity is crucial. ‘And that’s where we come in,’ explains Alex Prindiville. ‘A client can either commission us to generate and execute an idea, or they can engage us in a consultation process where we bring their dream to life.

‘Whichever route our clients choose, our skilled engineers and craftsmen then realise the project to the very highest standards. And because every client has different ideas, what we produce for them is truly unique.’

Source: Prindiville press

Prindiville Lamborghini Murcielago